Our Products and Capabilities

Brakes and Clutches

Wheel cylinder Plungers for Drum Brake

Uni Booster Parts for Brake Application

Adapters for Brake Parts

Clutch Booster parts for Brake Application

Turbo Chargers

Central Housing Cover for Turbo charger

Flinger Sleeve for Turbo Charger

Guide Links & Adaptors for Turbo Charger

Journal for Turbo Charger

Noise Ring for Turbo Charger

Outer Vane Ring for Turbo Charger

Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel Injector Bodies

Advance Pistons for Diesel Pump

Drive Shaft for Diesel Pump

Nut Nozzles & Adapter Plate for Fuel Injector Body

Instruments & Accessories

Temperature Sensor Housing

Parts for Speedo Meter

Parts for Speedo Meter

Parts for Hydraulic Power Steering

Oil Pump Parts

Parts for Cabin Tilting System


Medical Equipments Parts

Parts for Dental Equipment

Parts for Medical Appilication

Parts for Medical Application

Electronics & Tele-communication

High Power Electronic Contacts

Parts for Telecommunication

Parts for Telecommunication

Parts for Electronics Application

Food Processing and Testing

Milk Analyser Parts

Food Processing Automation Parts

Milk Analyser Parts

Parts for Vending Machine

Power Tools

Shafts and Spindles for Power Tool Application

Parts for Power Tool Application

Guide Template Kit for Power Tool

Parts for Power Tool

Parts for Power Tool

Driven Pulley for Power Tool

General Engineering

Holders for Tools Used in Electronic Industry

Housing for Proximity Sensor

Anvils for Crimping Tool Application

Machined Aluminium Housing

Machined Pump Body

Wear Plate for Hydraulic Pump

Process Automation

Manifold Blocks for Process Automation

Manifold Blocks for Process Automation

Adjusting Screws for Process Automation

Couplings & Connectors for Process Automation

Spindles for Process Automation

Sleeves, Connectors and Rings for Process Automation


High tech Machining facility

Commitment to Quality and Delivery

New product Development

Technical expertize

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